another ocean

instrumentation :  afl/ cbcl/ tbn/ perc/ pf/ vn/ db/

duration :  11'30"
commissioned by ensemble mise-en
premiere :  May 26th, by ensemble mise-en | mise-en place, Brooklyn

        Mori Ogai's 1911 novel Gan (Wild Geese) adopts a structure which, if that narrative were governed by the desires and needs of the characters—here isolation, aspiration, love—would project aimlessness, but which in Ogai's writing mirrors the searching of his actors for meaning and form in their lives, and as such thrives on patience. There is vast distance between the characters. Ogai loosely weaves them together, such that they are always in contact, if only in the most peripheral way. another ocean adopts some of this structure and relationship of materials, although with greater interrelationships and similarities between constituent parts.

        Composed for ensemble mise-en, they gave the premiere on May 26th, 2017, in Brooklyn, NY.