I might be wrong

instrumentation :  eh / vc / mar / pf

duration :  24'05"
commissioned by the Ludovico Ensemble
premiere :  10.10.12 by the Ludovico Ensemble | Boston

        To the extent that art is an expressive, symbolic object, I am afraid that I will never be satisfied with the capacity of my art to express and symbolize. As my condition changes, so does the honesty of everything I have previously created. But in as much as a work of art is a step in a process, past efforts cannot be so easily questioned. If I create for myself, then with this view, each piece is a rung on a ladder. But what if I have begun to ascend the wrong ladder altogether?

        I might be wrong is my attempt at affirming what I have always hinted to myself: that being on the right side of every question is detrimental to art.

        Several movements of this piece are based on the sculptures of Juan Muñoz, whose works invite participation by the viewer, but prevent physical engagement with the space bound by the work. Many of his sculptures are of people holding silent conversations, physically distanced from the viewer. The beauty of Muñoz's works is their ability to shift the subject of the sculptures from the figures themselves (who become simple materials) to the viewer himself. Isn't this also the purpose of music?

[listen free and purchase at Bandcamp, recorded by the Ludovico Ensemble]