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I Might Be Wrong, recorded/released by Ludovico Ensemble 05/2016 is for sale. Get it get it.
A Poppy of Erasure to be released on Pluralities, by Chen Li music. Available 3/21/2017!


1.13   Zach Sheets + Wei-Han Wu perform Toward 
+ 8:00p | Equilibrium Concert Series | Thurd Life Studio, Somervilla MA  [+]

2.16   Amy Advocat + Aaron Likness perform The Botany of Desire 
+ 8:00p | FOREST benefit concert | Lily Pad Gallery, Cambridge MA  [+]

3.16   Rhonda Rider performs Pari (world premiere)
+ 6:00p lecture concert | Boston University Center for the Arts

3.17   Rhonda Rider performs Pari
+ 8:00p | Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Seully Hall

3.28   Rhonda Rider performs Pari
+ 7:30p | University of South Florida, Tampa

3.31   Rhonda Rider performs Pari
+ 7:30p concert at radio broadcast | Brigham Young University, Provo UT

4.1   Lilit Hartunian premieres Weft for violin and obbligato objects
+ 7:00p | New Gallery Concert Series | New School of Music, Cambridge MA  [+]

4.15   Matt Sharrock performs what is not, is not
+ 8:00p | Equilibrium Ensemble | New School of Music, Cambridge MA  [+]

4.20   Philipp Stäudlin and Yoko Hagino perform Loess
+ 7:30p | UMass Amherst, Bezanson Recital Hall  [+]

4.26   Sophia Vastek premieres wave figment 1 for piano; Transient Canvas performs The Botany of Desire
+ 7:00p | Music of Reality | The Armory, Somerville MA  [+]