I ain’t gonna be worried no more › 2009
violin, marimba | 7:15 | for Matt Sharrock and Jin Lee
in four untitled movements


n o t e s

Composing this piece, I wanted to employ the Baroque notion of a single emotional context which runs through a piece. Each movement has its own sonic environment, and even if they are not imbued with specific emotional content, each maintains its own mood throughout. The first and third movements aim to combine the marimba and violin into a composite instrument, while the second and fourth play them off of each other. In the first, the marimba's high notes are colored by the violin harmonics. The second movement presents a soaring violin melody hovering above blurry marimba clusters. In the third, the two join to extend each other's gestures. The final movement is a blues, where the marimba takes on the role of temporarily freezing time with its drones.

The title is from a song of the same name by American blues singer Sleepy John Estes.

score: pdf download | hard copy