Bellows Pumped, the Bottom Approaches › 2009
piano 4-hands | 12:00 | for Marti Epstein
mvts: I. bellows pumped; II. ploughs unhitched; III. cadences; IV. plateau… V. …on the ground
public premiere: Ensemble SurPlus; June 2, 2010 at University of Buffalo, NY

n o t e s

In this work, I wanted to write music where energy does not operate like a pendulum. Each section is either an expulsion of energy, and intake, or the plateau at the bottom. The experience of writing these was an immersion in sounds, not music. This feels spiritual, and is as close as I have come to a religious experience. When I write sounds that I love, I feel my heartbeat and breathe change, in regularity and intensity. I want this piece to read as an exhalation—the moment of anticipation before the intake of vital air.

score: pdf download | hard copy