'Come with me' › 2018
chamber opera excerpt to libretto by Franny Zhang | 13:00 | for Guerilla Opera
[voices: soprano, baritone; instrumental quartet: bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, vibraphone, viola]

premiere: Guerilla Opera; June 13, 2018 at Club Oberon, Cambridge MA

n o t e s

‘Come with me’ is a scene from a forthcoming opera (working title “Dead Body”) written with librettist Franny Zhang. The opera adapts several of Anton Chekhov’s short ghost stories. In these stories, a sense of threat hangs over a scene at night in which the characters grow increasingly suspicious and frightened. This theme, as well as Chekhov’s sense of pacing and economy are guiding principles in the libretto and music.

The opera is expected to premiere in 2020, by Guerilla Opera.

scores: not yet available for purchase; please contact for copy.

press: boston classical review