Hands and Lips of Wind › 2010
soprano, cello | 10:00 | texts by Octavio Paz | for Diagenesis
premiere: Diagenesis; May 11, 2011, St. Peter’s Church, Helena MT

I. Nightfall
II. In the Lodi Gardens
III. Exclamación
IV. Con los Ojos Cerrados
V. Madrugada al Raso / Daybreak

n o t e s

Octavio Paz' poems often display enormously evocative imagery contained in few words. I wanted to bring that spirit to my setting of the five poems in this piece. In particular, these poems move effortlessly between images of light and darkness, motion and stillness. These ideas are potentially very musical. My settings approach the poems as complete entities, emphasizing the prevailing affect of each poem.

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