In the Morning, Light Gathered Outside My Window › 2009
cello | 9:40 | for Jennifer Bewerse
premiere: Jennifer Bewerse; July 15, 2010 at SoundSCAPE Festival, Maccagno, Italy

n o t e s

The cello is, for me, a very sensitive instrument—versatile and expressive. Its range of sonic possibilities lets the cellist focus intently on the smallest aspects of sounds. The process composing is a kind of ceremony for me, even if it changes from piece to piece, day to day. I compose best in the early morning, often while walking. For this reason, my composing is tied to my sense of space and location. The piece I compose is an environment, an ecosystem, and the sound is the path I find myself heading down once inside.

Recently I have woken up every day around sunrise, and I am immediately aware of sunlight moving past my south-facing window. This piece was composed during these early morning hours. The largely diatonic music at the beginning is centered on the D and G strings, although the material is primarily coloristic. It develops in waves, gradually introducing the C string and eventually taking flight on the A string, guiding a gradual fade from blurry gray to clear white.

score: pdf download | hard copy