Integrity › 2011
percussion | 5:20 | for Masako Kunimoto
premiere: Masako Kunimoto; April 29, 2011 at SUNY Purchase, NY

n o t e s

Integrity is inspired by architect Tadao Ando's building "Church of the Light" in Ibaraki, Japan. Rather than conceive of the piece in terms of traditional musical form, I thought of its duration as an open space. The music is written in real time, without rhythm, by placing notes spatially on the page. To follow Ando's design, which features a cross formed by the negative space in his reinforced concrete walls, Integrity's sounds accumulate in the form of a cross on the page. My piece contains two crosses, one a mirror of the other. For Ando walls are of foremost importance, while the space bound by them is more freely experienced. Integrity explores the space between those walls.

Integrity was written for Masako Kunimoto as the second movement of a larger work composed jointly with Kevin Warren, Masaki Hasebe, and Jason Huffman. Each composer contributed a movement as part of a commission. The premiere was given on April 29th, 2011, in Purchase, NY. Integrity is dedicated to Masako.

score: pdf download | hard copy