Loess › 2015
alto saxophone, piano | 14:00 | for Philipp Stäudlin and Yoko Hagino
premiere: Stäudlin & Hagino; February 22, 2015 at Distler Hall at Tufts University, Medford MA

n o t e s

I frequently take inspiration from the natural world, and particularly humans' relationships to nature. Nature confronts us with its power to resist concepts of beauty; I am not interested in the cultivation of nature, but in its pulling away from human apprehension. Loess is a type of windborne sediment that leaves unusual, porous deposits where it accumulates. The music in this piece drifts and clusters, floats and becomes heavy.

score: pdf download | hard copy


Philipp Stäudlin, alto saxophone, & Yoko Hagino, piano
[live on 4.24.15]