Map of My Room › 2009
    flute, bass clarinet, violin, cimbalom | 11:00 | for Ludovico Ensemble
premiere: Ludovico Ensemble; February 4, 2010 at Boston Conservatory

n o t e s

This music deals with the deeply personal environment of the space where I live. The piece acts as an examination, and thus traces no development. The piece progresses as if following a map—the path is linear, but not straight. The balance between tension and stasis is symbolic of my understanding of the relationship I have cultivated with my small environment.

Following this contour from disorder to understanding, the music begins with a foundational harmony which gradually dissolves into looser—but still related—harmonies that serve as vehicles for textural transformation. The harmonic tension follows a path from greatest at the outset to least at the end. Each musical event is like a new angle of viewing an object; it retains its essential shape, but offers new understanding. As musical events merge into one, the objects blend together, eventually giving way to a holistic sense of the musical environment.

score: pdf download | hard copy