Pari  ›  2016
cello | 6:30 | for Rhonda Rider
premiere: Rhonda Rider; March 17, 2016 at Boston Conservatory

I. Brome
II. Mariposa
III. Seed
IV. Grama

n o t e s

Commissioned by Rhonda Rider as part of her residency at the Petrified Forest National Park, Pari takes its movement titles from flora native to the park: brome hay and blue grama grasses, mariposa lilies, and the seed fern Ginkgo. Delicate, and often unremarkable, these plants thrive in the largely dry areas just beyond where a river meets its shore.

Pari is written for and dedicated to Rhonda Rider, whose devotion to the links between artifice and the natural is so inspiring.

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