Troubled Water › 2015
opera in seven scenes to libretto by Frederick Choi | 72:00 | for Guerilla Opera
[voices: soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone; instrumental quartet: clarinet/bass, soprano/tenor saxophones, percussion, violin]
premiere production: Guerilla Opera, dir. Allegra Libonati; September 18-25, 2015 at Boston Conservatory


n o t e s

Troubled Water follows a storyline from the life of late 19th-century Japanese author Higuchi Natsuko (Ichiyou). Considered the first female writer of the Japanese modern era, Higuchi was educated in classical writing traditions, and these influences became significant aspects of her work. Woven into the story of the author are scenes from her stories which reflect and amplify Higuchi’s experience of the world she lived in.

score: pdf download | hard copy

press: boston globe / boston classical review