Weft › 2017
violin, obbligato objects | 13:00 | for Lilit Hartunian
premiere: Hartunian & composer; April 1, 2017 at New School of Music, Cambridge MA

n o t e s

Weft was composed for Lilit Hartunian in 2017 as at her request for a duo that we could perform together. It incorporates excerpts of two standard works of the violin repertoire, one—the Largo from J.S. Bach’s Violin Sonata no.3 in C, BWV 1005—a part of Lilit’s daily practice routine. The title is an allusion to weaving, a historically domestic art that I’ve studied. This piece is entirely bound up in the personal relationships that Lilit and I have with the music we love; as such, it isn’t written for violin, but for Lilit specifically.

score: pdf download | hard copy

note: this piece is not available for performance except by composer and commissioner.