what is not, is not › 2008
solo chimes + vibraphone | 9:00
premiere: Trevor Saint; May 2, 2010 at University of Fairbanks, AK


n o t e s

Parmenides had the reputation of a philosophical prankster. His explanation of motion came from his assertions that what is, is, and that what is not, is not. This claim—that there is nothing which “is not,”—is empowering when considering the walls we set up between music and its listeners. In the absence of a message for the listener, a message is made within the person hearing the music. Parmenides says that no matter how hard I try to control meaning in my music, it is always liberating itself, it is always refusing to be made null, it is always reaching to its audience and saying something. Everything is silence, and yet there is no silence.

score: pdf download | hard copy